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So you’ve stumbled across my feeble website. Well…. since you’re here feel free to check out my blog where you may find me ranting miscellaneous thoughts and ideas. Those of you in the IT industry may wish to peruse my “How To” section that I mostly use as a personal knowledge base for things I’ve learned over the years (and sometimes forget I learned). My background is mostly in IT and I also enjoy playing Disc Golf in my free time. You’ll also find some useful information about Kodi, the best media center out there, as well as some other miscellaneous posts about nothing.

Worst case scenario you don’t care and move on to better and more exciting web adventures. Either way I won’t hold it against you.

If you’re family you may like the picture galleries I’ve posted. If you’re not family…meh, feel free to look anyway.


Upcoming Atricles…..

As mentioned before. Kodi is a great way to display your media, from pictures, to movies or music. It offers the flexibility to build and display your media library the way your like. With the additions of being able to stream Hulu and Netflix through 3rd party plugins its almost time to cut the cord. I’ll put up a worthy article on it in the coming weeks.

I havent had any time recently to take the plunge and dive into Windows 10 yet but I have been hearing some decent reviews about it. I do hear it comes with some “gotchas” to look out for with regards to out of the box privacy settings. When I get some more time I’ll get it installed and drop some first hand thoughts on it.

So I decided to upgrade my website the other day. I decided it had been sitting stagnant for far too long. I went a different route this time and decided to dump apache in favor of nginx. So far so good. I originally had some issues with php5-fpm causing CPU spike but that seems to be sorted now.


Family Photos