Home Improvements…..Ugh…..

So Jennifer and I recently decided to build a closet on the back room of our house. It was supposed to be a simple low cost project consisting of a few 2×4’s some screws, nails and drywall. We also decided we would paint since we would need to paint the closet anyway. To prep for the painting we needed to pull the border paper down across the wall near the ceiling. Sounds simple right? Well now we run into the fact that the border paper was installed before the trim around the windows which means removing the trim before pulling down the paper. After getting the paper down we decided the trim needed to be replaced as well. So now we are replacing the trim, new closet, and painting. We also looked at the floor and realized since we were doing this much work we might as well add floor trim as well since the previous owners did such a half-assed job putting the tile down. This would allow for nice clean lines instead of gaps between the wall and the floor.

As of today we have completed the rough build of the closet (not yet sanded and the door is not hung), painted most of the room (less the new closet), painted and cut the trim, and installed a new air vent to replace the one that looked horrible. $300 later we have blown our budget and will need additional supplies.

I always find it amusing how a simple project always lead to so much more than anticipated. I will update post with before and after pictures when available. –Dave

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