Mary Beth Doyle Park (aka Brown Park)

So I went out to “Brown Park” recently renamed to Mary Beth Doyle Park to check the status of the remodel and low and behold the park was open. The Disc Golf course has not yet been put back in but a little research revealed that the course should be in soon. They are in the process of looking for ideas as to how the new course should be redesigned. The city has also apparently set aside enough money for 2 sets of tee pads and I believe new baskets. If you were an avid Brown park player and want a say in how the course is redesigned then visit Terry Calhoun’s site here to post your ideas and suggestions. Below is an excerpt from Terry’ site.

The course has been out of the ground for two years now. Because of the delicacy of getting the wetlands preserve part established, the course has not been able to be put back in yet. However, the county is about to finish its part and hand the park back over the city.

Brown Park was an 18-hole course with a mix of semi-open and wooded holes. Quite easy, with only one hole over 400-feet in length. My own personal best was a 39 on a round where I only missed deuces on holes 8, 13, and 15.

The re-do of the north end of the park removed completely holes 15-18. We also lost three holes on the edge of woods (holes 12-14) due to the pressure from the strong Natural Area Preservation (NAP) interests. Further, the city would like to abandon two holes that were very muddy most of the time (holes 1 and 2).

While the course was out of the ground, the city budgeted to put it back in with two sets of tees (instead of the original one per hole). Only in the last couple of weeks has it become clear that we will finally be able to get it back in the ground this year, because it wasn’t certain when the county would give up its re-do control.

The city first suggested that we consider a complete redesign, which I personally think is a great idea. I’ve spent some time out there walking around and Sheila and I put a few stakes in the ground to help conceptualize some things today. I’ll post more thoughts below, but am interested in what other locals think.

If you know the course, try to conceptualize this rough approximation of one possible re-design:

Starting in the parking lot, a large clockwise circle of probably 7 holes with water in play going around what was the huge grassy marsh-like area before but is now a much more attractive stream and water catchments. The “front nine” would finish up with 8 going up over the hill where 2’s basket used to be, to a pin near where 3’s tee was, and with hole 9 going back across that empty ball field to a pin perched on the edge of the hill near the big rock and basketball court.

The “back nine” would go back up that hill and across the ball field over towards 3’s former basket (hole 10) and finish up with a very visible hole 18 that tees off on one of the grassy knolls by where the playground used to be and finishing with the basket near but past and slightly uphill (by the old backstop, sort of).

In between, the previous holes would be redesigned using some more of the woods that were to the right of what was hole 9 and also to the right of what was hole 11 (lost of unused stuff back in there).

Anyway, that’s my current take on things.

Check it out as this is could be your one and only chance to have your input matter in designing a local course. Below is a rough approxomation of what the new park currently looks like.

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