Mary Beth Doyle Park (a.k.a Brown Park)

So through the grape vine I have been informed that the long awaited reopening of “Brown Park” has been delayed until next year. While I have also been informed that the Pro pads have been poured the course will not reopen until next spring. Below is a picture of the new course design from Terry Calhoun’s website. Even with the park not opening this year I am sure there will be more progress done before the end of the season. I imagine all of the pads will be poured this year with the holdup being the baskets. If you are up for a game of object golf you can probably find some markers to use to familiarize yourself with the new design before next season.

Mary Beth Doyle new design

The course appears to flow in the opposite direction as the original “Brown Park”, starting where the old hole 18 ended.

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