Night Disc Golf

Disc golf doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. There are a few options you may not be aware of.

Glow in the dark discs.

Disc Lights

After trying both I would recommend option 2. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Option 1 is nice because the entire disc glows but will need to be recharged every couple of holes. You can charge the discs using a standard flashlight but a black light works much better and will tend to make it glow brighter and longer, it’s also easier on the eyes at night. Using option 2 is nice because it shines brighter and will last the entire round so you won’t have to worry about the charge wearing off while looking for your disc like with the glow in the dark option. On the down side you will need to have clear or see through discs for them to work their best. The disc lights are applied using tape and can eaisily moved from one disk to another so you can continue to use your favorite plastic without the need to purchase a matching glow in the dark model.

You can pickup both the disc lights and the glow in the dark discs at most disc golf retailers. On another note the lights you can also fing in the fishing section at places like Meijers and other stores that sell fishing equipment. It seems these little lights were originally marketed as bobber lights.The lights state to have a 20+ hour life on them and they work really well. On a side note if you do find them in the fishing section don’t purchase the mini glow sticks, they’re not nearly as bright and will only last one night. The one to look for are the little LED lights and they may be marked as a battery replacement. The red ones seem to the the brightest but you can choose from yellow, green and red.

Finding a place to golf at night can also be tricky since most parks close at dusk. If you happen to be in the Ann Arbor, MI area check out the EMU disc golf course. It’s a small niner but perfect for some glow. Also try to stick with courses you know well since you don’t want to get stuck tromping in unfamiliar territory in the dark.

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