The Disc Golf Sensation

Golfing with Frisbees is the hot new park activity. It’s a beautiful spring day, and you’re enjoying it by visiting a park in a neighboring city. You spot an odd looking steel-and-chain contraption sticking up out of the ground, and as you approach it for closer inspection, somebody yells “fore!” before an even stranger looking Frisbee comes fling out of nowhere and lands near the contraption.

Welcome to the world’s new golfing passion. Here comes disc golf, and it’s headed your way.

No clubs, balls, or funny Knickers, but the concept is the same: toss a Frisbee into a sturdy steel target in the fewest number of throws. The uninitiated grasp the concept faster when the game is called “Frisbee golf”, but since Frisbee is a registered trademark, the name “disk golf” will have to suffice. Regardless of what you call it over 500,000 players on nearly 1000 courses in the United States are already enjoying this hot new game, with many more in at least 18 other countries.

The object of the game is to send a golf disc into the target, commonly called the “basket” in the fewest number of throws. Players shoot for par by driving from a designated tee area and throwing each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed. A successful putt sends the disc into the basket to complete the hole. Each hole is 150 to 500 feet in length, with typically 18 holes per course.

If your park has 30 or so acres of underutilized space, or your simply looking for a new revenue source, disc golf can quickly fill up your parking lot with enthusiastic patrons.

Author: Brian Sullivan (Disc Golf Association)

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