Aspiring McDonald’s Promoter

Jennifer caught Owen on camera the other day being his usual cheese ball self. There’s nothing more disconcerting than imagining your son doing marketing for McDonald’s. Below is the video clip.

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/videos/aspiring.flv /]

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Windows XP PXE installation

This guide provides an easy and relatively quick way to PXE boot windows which means you can install Windows over the network with PXE without the need for a CD drive. This will just install a vanilla XP, nice and simple.

Step 1: Getting started.

What you’ll need:

  1. Windows 2000/XP CD (to get the i386 directory off it)
  2. PC running 2000/XP (to act as a server)
  3. Laptop capable of booting over PXE (such as the L400).
  4. Tftpd32
  5. Bart Network Boot Disk
  7. A Share. The ...
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Hudson Mills Charging to play Disc Golf….

So, I knew it was coming but I guess I was hoping it wouldn’t happen. Hudson Mills Metropark in Dexter, MI recently started charging to play Disc Golf on their 2 world class courses. To play it’s $2/day or annually for $50. I already have to pay to park, $4/day or $20 annually, why should I have to pay more? I don’t have to pay to play basketball or tennis. Why should I have to pay to play Disc Golf? ...

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Mary Beth Doyle Park (aka Brown Park)

So I went out to “Brown Park” recently renamed to Mary Beth Doyle Park to check the status of the remodel and low and behold the park was open. The Disc Golf course has not yet been put back in but a little research revealed that the course should be in soon. They are in the process of looking for ideas as to how the new course should be redesigned. The city has also apparently set aside enough money for ...

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