Brown Park Back in Business

If you haven’t been out to brown park (a.k.a. Mary Beth Doyle) in a while, it’s finally open. After 2+ years of being closed they have finally reopened for discin. Baskets are in and pads are poured. The course has changed significantly from the old one and even from the original re-design plans. The city reduced the area the designers had to work with so compared to the original it’s only about 2/3’s the size. It is still however a ...

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Windows 7 remote reboot

If you have ever used windows remote desktop to manage a windows desktop environment you already know how useful it is to be able to reboot the machine remotely. While this can be accomplished using a command line I had grown used to doing it using task manager in windows xp. With windows 7 however they have taken this feature away. Instead there is an even easier way. All you need to do is press the “Alt + F4” keys and ...

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Long time no blog…..

It seems I never seem to get a chance to post. Between work, holidays, birthdays, and my sons extracurricular activities I have about enough time to read my email, check a few articles or burn a CD. I will try to get some updated pictures of Owen on the site as the holidays draw nearer. He had another successful photo shoot this year and I know many will look forward to seeing them.

All in all life has been pretty pleasant ...

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Calibrating the Leapster by Leapfrog

My son’s Leapster seems to need calibration every so often. Below are instructions to re-calibrate the screen.

The following are instructions for calibrating the Leapster™ handheld.

1. Insert a cartridge*, turn the unit on and wait for the sign-in screen to appear.
2. Hold down the Home, Hint and B buttons simultaneously.
3. When the screen changes, press the A button.
4. Using the Stylus, touch the center of the targets.

*if your unit has built in games you will not need to ...

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